Teams integration

Get instant notifications for important updates from your scan results, delivered straight to your Teams channel(s).
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To set up a Microsoft Teams integration, navigate to your dashboard and find the integrations menu in the sidebar. 

In this section, you can connect third-party applications to use for notifications (such as Slack and Webhooks), or for managing vulnerability workflows (JIRA). We’ll continue to add integrations going forward.

  • Click on Teams Integrations

  • Click+ Add

  • Now go over to your Teams app and, unless you want to use an existing channel on which to get notifications, create a new one as shown below:

    • Click on Add Channel

  • Provide a name and description (the last being optional)

  • Once the channel is created, configure the Incoming Webhook connector. You can do so by clicking Manage Channel > Edit

  • Select Configure, next to Incoming Webhook

  • Give it a name

  • Copy the newly generated URL

  • Now go back to the Microsoft Teams Integrations page in your account and add the webhook URL to the input field, together with a name and description (optional)

  • Click on Add and you will see a confirmation that the webhook was created

  • You can now start using this integration to get notifications fine-tuned to your specific needs.

To learn more about notifications, please see our dedicated support category.
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