Slack Integration

Get notified whenever something important happens - directly to the slack channel(s) of your preference
Written by Adina Mihaita
Updated 2 years ago

To configure a slack integration, go to your dashboard and find the integrations menu on the sidebar. Here you can configure integrations with 3rd-party apps which you can later use for notifications (Slack, Webhooks), or vulnerability management workflows (JIRA). More integrations will be added in the future.

To start one integration, click on + Add Slack channel

Multiple slack channels can be linked from this page so you can send data to multiple channels.

You can select a slack channel #example or send the notifications to yourself or @another.person

After adding a slack channel, you can use it by configuring a new Notification and enabling the slack action.

The notification will trigger based on the rules you have set and a message like this will be sent:

For privacy and security reasons, to be able to access the full scan result, you will first need to be authenticated in the platform before opening the link to View full report.

To learn more about notifications, please see our dedicated support category.
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