Discord integration

Send notifications for important updates from your scan results, delivered straight to your Discord channel(s).
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In this section, you can connect third-party applications to use for notifications (such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Webhooks), or for managing vulnerability workflows (JIRA). 

To set up an integration with Discord, go to your Pentest-Tools.com dashboard and locate the integrations menu in the sidebar.  

  • Click on Discord Integrations

  • Click +Add

  • Next, open your Discord app. If you prefer not to use an existing channel for notifications, create a new one as demonstrated below:

    • Click on Create Channel

  • Select the type of channel and give it a name

  • Once the channel is set up, let’s create the webhook. You can do so by clicking Edit Channel > Integrations > Create Webhook

  • Add a name and channel to the webhook you just created

  • Let’s copy the Webhook URL, via the dedicated button and go back to the Discord integration section within the Pentest-Tools platform.

  • Now, let’s add some details to this integration. Provide a name (required) and a description (optional), then paste the Webhook URL into its required field.
    Once finished, click on "Add" and you're all set!

  • You can now start using this integration to be up to date with the latest scan results.


To learn more about notifications, please see our dedicated support category.
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