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How to build a pentest robot?

Why do it manually when there is automation?
Written by Victor Pisarciuc
Updated 1 month ago

From the Automation tab – select Robots. Click on the “create robot” button to open the design studio.

You can choose the tool blocks from the left menu and connect them according to your desired testing flow.
You can also add logic blocks in the flow to trigger the next tool only if certain conditions are met.

Currently, you can use the following tools to build pentest robots:

Each scanner has its own set of conditions that will apply to the scan result.

Drag and drop the blocks on the design page to add them to the flow. The blocks will snap in place when releasing them.

drag and drop blocks to create a pentest robot

Click on each block to configure the scan settings or change the conditions.

Name your robot and add an optional description.

The robots will be available in the “Scan with Robot” menu from targets.

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