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What are Targets and Base Targets?

Learn what a target is, what type of targets you can scan with and how we count targets against your plan limitations
Written by Adina Mihaita
Updated 5 months ago

A target is a system that you scan using our tools. We count as targets only the hostname or IP address of the scanned system (also called ‘base target’). All URLs belonging to the same base target (ex. same hostname) will count as a single target.

The Targets page displays all information related to a base target and its associated targets. You find details about the type (hostname, IP, or URL), how many scans you ran against a target, and their overall Risk Level (according to all scans).

Clicking on a target from the table will redirect you to the Scans page so you can see all the scans performed against that target. See here how to start a scan.

Can an IP range be added as a target?

You can also scan IP ranges but they will be expanded into separate targets. For instance, scanning the IP range will create 100 distinct targets. See here how to scan an IP range.

The maximum number of targets is per month or per year?

All pricing plans have a maximum number of targets you can scan, regardless of the subscription period. You can always delete some of your targets to add new ones or upgrade to a plan that has a higher number of maximum targets.

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