⚙️How to set up workspace notifications

You can now setup global triggers for all the scans in a workspace. If the conditions are matched, you will receive an email notification.
Written by Adina Mihaita
Updated 1 year ago

Go to Settings > Notifications and configure the when you want to be notified about scans that are finished.

Add a new notification that will trigger when certain events happen regarding your finished scans.

Sample events that can trigger a notification:

  • a high risk vulnerability is found,
  • ports 80 or 443 are (not) open,
  • a weak password is found, etc.

Some triggers apply only for certain types of scanners, but the global notifications configured will be applied to all scans running in the current workspace (started either manually, scheduled or via API).

A notification will be sent if a scan result matches ANY of the defined triggers. Currently, the following tools can support triggers for notifications:

Tool / Scanner Name Trigger Type Trigger Name Logical Condition
Any / All Scan status Scan status is
Website Vulnerability Scanners / Website Recon Technology found Technology contains
Website / Network Vulnerability Scanners Vulnerability Risk level is at least
Vulnerability Finding Name is / contains
TCP / UDP Port Scan Port scanner Open port is greater than / is (not) / in top
Port scanner Protocol is / contains
Find Subdomain Subdomains Netname contains
Subdomains Country contains
Subdomains Subdomain name contains
URL Fuzzer URL Fuzzer Items found at least
URL Fuzzer HTTP code is
Password Auditor Password Auditor Credentials found at least

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