Do all the tools on feed data into the Attack Surface view?

Sometimes, less is more. Similar to our Attack Surface view.
Written by Victor Pisarciuc
Updated 2 years ago

Currently, the following tools generate data for the Attack Surface view:

Website Recon

Website Scanner

TCP Port Scanner

UDP Port Scanner

OpenVAS Scanner

This platform feature enables you to inspect open ports, services, and running software from all the targets in your workspace in a centralized unified view.  
We plan to add data generated by other tools and scanners at in future platform updates.

Do API scans appear in the Attack Surface view?

For the moment, the Attack Surface view only covers manual scans with the above-mentioned tools. We plan to add support for scans run using the API in future platform updates.

Keep an eye on our changelog, blog, and on our LinkedIn page to be the first to know when we add more scans or API support to The Attack Surface View.

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