What does the findings' status mean?

You can use findings status to keep track of your remediation measures, or just to pick which findings to exclude from reporting
Written by Adina Mihaita
Updated 2 years ago

Findings generated by the Pentest-Tools.com vulnerability scanners can have one of the following statuses:

  • Open - this is the default status for new findings discovered by our scanners
  • Fixed - you can modify findings to this status after implementing the remediation measures. If a fixed finding still shows up in future scans, then the remediation measures might not be correct and you should double-check
  • Accepted - you can mark findings as such if you don't plan to remediate some issues. Accepted vulnerabilities can be excluded from the reports in a single click
  • Ignored - ignored findings are automatically excluded from reports and the option is remembered for other future scans against the same target
  • False Positive -  if you discover that a reported finding isn't actually there, you can mark it as a false positive, not only will it be automatically excluded from the reports, but any future findings of that type against the same target will also be marked as false positives so they don't show up in future scans

You can use the Modify Finding button in the upper menu in order to change the findings status.

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