How to set up a static IP for the Virtual Machine

To set the static IP of the agent VM you can follow the instructions below.
Written by Cosmin Tudor
Updated 1 year ago

To set the static IP of the agent VM (using VMware), please follow the next steps:

Ensure that the agent VM network adapter is set to Bridged (Automatic). Right-click on the VM -> Settings -> Network Adapter -> Bridged.

Start the agent VM and wait until it shows *** No running scans *** or until it fails to connect.

Click on the terminal to enter Grab Input Mode.

Press CTRL-C

Write the following commands:

ifconfig eth0 {static_ip} netmask {network_mask}
route add default gw {gateway_ip} eth0

Make sure that the agent reaches the gateway by running ping {gateway}.

If the ping fails, it means that the static IP was set incorrectly. Repeat the steps above, making sure that the parameters are correct.

Make sure that the agent has an internet connection by running:


If the pings return successfully, you can start the agent script using the following command:


🎉 Now the agent will start on the desired static IP.
⚠️ These changes do not persist after rebooting the Agent. We are working on improving the agent to eliminate this limitation.
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