Managing your scans

Scans may be the center of all the other features we offer. Knowing how to handle them is a must.
Written by Victor Pisarciuc
Updated 2 years ago

Once logged into your account, from the Scans page, you can view all your finished or ongoing scans, displaying up to 1000 records. You can use the filter/search fields to narrow down scans based on tools or targets.

The default view will show scans from your current workspace but you can change that from the View Settings option by selecting “Show scans from all workspaces” option.

You can do the following actions:

  • You can scan again the same target with the same scan parameters by clicking the Restart button.
  • You can stop a scan by selecting it and pressing the Stop button.
  • You can download a single scan result by clicking the Export button.
  • You can Delete a scan result. This action is irreversible!
  • You can Show groups. Scan groups is a feature that lets you bundle scans for easier reporting.

The possible scan statuses are: finished, running, stopped, error, Conn Error, VPN error, timeout.

Timeout status happens when the scan took more than 24 hours to complete. In this case, it will automatically be stopped by the server. To fix this we recommend checking your server response time and trying to rescan.

If your scan is running for more than 24h, please contact us! Your scan is probably frozen and you won’t be able to run new scans if you hit the maximum parallel scans limit.

Clicking on the tool or target name will open your individual scan result/view so you can download the scan result.

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