What charges are applied when upgrading or downgrading?

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Written by Victor Pisarciuc
Updated 2 years ago

We use the Prorate method when Upgrading or Downgrading subscription Plans

This means that if you upgrade or downgrade at any point during your current billing cycle, you will immediately be billed or refunded the difference compared to the previous subscription, rather than waiting for your changes to take effect on the next billing date.

More precisely, proration handles the increase or decrease to the subscription price when a price changes during any period of a subscription. We calculate the value you did not use from the original subscription plan (based on the number of days remaining before renewal). Separately, we calculate the value of the remaining days of the new plan (at the new rate), and then you receive a single, net refund or charge for the adjustment.

For example, changing from a $20 monthly plan to a $40 monthly plan on day 15 of the first month results in a significant difference that you would not capture for another 15 days. By using the Prorate option, you will be charged the $10 difference immediately. The charge amount is calculated as follows:

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