How can I review

Have you stumbled across our reviews and testimonials page and are wondering how to share your thoughts about our platform with the rest of the world?
Written by Victor Pisarciuc
Updated 2 years ago

Your review not only reflects your unique experience, but also helps other infosec specialists make better decisions about the tools they use.

Ready to share your feedback? Start here:

The process is rather simple: authenticate directly with Linkedin (no need to create a new account – unless you want to) and answer a few questions.

It would be helpful if you could share:

  • what you’re using for
  • the features and tools you find most useful
  • how you’ve seen our platform develop over time
  • any particular instances when made your work easier or even more satisfying.

Please send us the link to your review once it’s approved by G2 so we can read it and use your feedback to improve our platform or keep on doing what we do best!

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